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The speaker in the first video said that the main and daunting task is how to feed 10 billions of people, and we should find a solution of this problem if we don’t want to suffer the consequences. Earlier we used to live like animals, our life depended on nature, especially weather. Since that time, we used up natural resources and now as a result, we can face with an environmental catastrophe, such as droughts, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and others. Human activity is really harmful to the environment and public health. Every day we dump waste that leads to destroying of ozone layer, pollute water, throw away garbage and use cars that use unleaded petrol and emit fossil fuels. In conclusion, author said that it is everyone’s responsibility to take this environmental problems seriously, so if we want to feed not only ourselves but our children and  grandchildren we should live eco-friendly.
The next video was about life in eco-villages. The woman explained that such type of villages are small self-contained communities, trying to live ecologically and be in harmony with nature. She visited around 30 villages like this as she wanted to know how they live ecologically, how they share their money and property and how they communicate with each other and she was really impressed with answers she got. In my opinion, it is really nice to have such an eco-home, conserve energy, save water and minimize usage of natural resources. Needless to say, that such type of houses help to save wildlife, not destroy animals’ natural habitats and lead to sustainable development of eco-friendly planet. By building such communities with eco-friendly design, we can change the way and prevent a lot of disasters, such as global warming, deforestation and so on. 

Easy stepr to save our planet
1.Install water-saving devices in your house.
2. Use natural substances to fertilize your plants, instead of using chemicals
3.Dispoe the toxic waste the right way
4.Switch off the light and all electonical devices if you don't need them
5.Use solar power

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