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The speaker in the first video said that the main and daunting task is how to feed 10 billions of people, and we should find a solution of this problem if we don’t want to suffer the consequences. Earlier we used to live like animals, our life depended on nature, especially weather. Since that time, we used up natural resources and now as a result, we can face with an environmental catastrophe, such as droughts, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and others. Human activity is really harmful to the environment and public health. Every day we dump waste that leads to destroying of ozone layer, pollute water, throw away garbage and use cars that use unleaded petrol and emit fossil fuels. In conclusion, author said that it is everyone’s responsibility to take this environmental problems seriously, so if we want to feed not only ourselves but our children and  grandchildren we should live eco-friendly.
The next video was about life in eco-villages. The woman explained that such type of villages are small self-contained communities, trying to live ecologically and be in harmony with nature. She visited around 30 villages like this as she wanted to know how they live ecologically, how they share their money and property and how they communicate with each other and she was really impressed with answers she got. In my opinion, it is really nice to have such an eco-home, conserve energy, save water and minimize usage of natural resources. Needless to say, that such type of houses help to save wildlife, not destroy animals’ natural habitats and lead to sustainable development of eco-friendly planet. By building such communities with eco-friendly design, we can change the way and prevent a lot of disasters, such as global warming, deforestation and so on. 

Easy stepr to save our planet
1.Install water-saving devices in your house.
2. Use natural substances to fertilize your plants, instead of using chemicals
3.Dispoe the toxic waste the right way
4.Switch off the light and all electonical devices if you don't need them
5.Use solar power
It is obvious that tourism attracts a lot of people all over the world. Everyone want sometimes to get away from all our daily routine, recharge batteries, visit remote areas or go off the beaten track and of course get a unique experience. The perfect solution are going on a excursion to other country, going hiking or climbing or just chilling out. But is travelling good for environment?
First and foremost, travelling causes pollution and other negative impacts that we don’t  see at first sight. People in camp site usually throw away their rubbish and by this they polluted unspoiled nature that surrounds them. By going swimming people often pollute water that is harmful for marine life.
In addition, travelling is all about money. Travel agencies usually try  to make a big money and they don’t care about the quality of holiday that they offer and as a result suffer the consequences.

One more problem that tourists faces with is cultural diversity and as a result cultural shock. Sometimes it leads to national conflicts.
To draw a conclusion, of course we can’t stop travelling at all and just sit at home. We should just realize that we shouldn’t take everything for granted and be responsible for everything that we do. Also we can try an eco tourism that is environmentally responsible travel to remote areas. Of course you won’t see vibrant and beautiful cities with remarkably architecture, instead you can sunbathe, go climbing and take part in cleaning forests, helping animals and merge with nature.
Our academy held a wide range of events during this year. One of such event, that hit the headlines of local newspapers,  is holding a Ukrainian National students Olympiad in the English language. It was really breaking news for Ostroh, and attracted attention of participants from all Ukraine. All students had an opportunity to realize theirs ambitions and fulfill their potential to the maximum. Needles to say that all participants were very nervous as everyone wants to have a success and be highly praised by jury, but it was succeeded  by only few people from our department, but noone from all participants was disappointed or feel humiliated, as everyone was pleased with opportunity to take part in such olympiad.

All the students fully accept the fact that such competitions should be held every year or even more often. They speak highly of instructors of this Olympiad, jury that was economical with truth, and Ostroh academy. During our in-depth interview revealed a secret that they wants to be a students of our academy. All participants mentioned that this  event have a significant impact on theirs lives and they all are happy with nominations they received.

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World history is full of important battles, movements and events. One of the such events is a tearing down of Berlin wall. Tearing down a wall might not seem like much, but when you realize what all else came down with that wall, you begin to see it in a whole new light. At the end of World War 2 Berlin was split in half with one part with a communist government and other with more democratic. It was horrible, people were scared, they remember a horrors of the war and they don’t want to live through this one more time. Citizens who tried to get through this wall and put up a heroic fight against government were killed. Local government didn’t accept their plea for peace. As a result, there were a lot of military operations in order to scare citizens, but one day a vast majority of people decided to  make a breakthrough and came down the wall. It happened in 1989 the wall was broken and it really caused a sensation, tearing down the wall means the end of communist rule and birth of the voice of free people, that won the respect of all people around the world. Breaking down this wall had a major impact on German history, it was the beginning of German reunification, this event makes up the history of Germany. For me breaking Berlin wall is an example of guarding and saving motherland, it shows us that it is important to love your country and admire those who serve the army and guards us every day.
The game Spent helps us to feel ourselves as person who is tight with money, and really needy. Playing this game I understood that I have to be more accurate with money, buy products that are reasonably priced and live on shoestring. As I am not very experienced in the sphere of money it was interesting and beneficial for me to try to make ends meet and tighten my belt. I find this game really helpful, because sometimes even people that are filthy rich face up with money problems.  
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Everyone knows  how our health depends on our eating, because we are what we eat.But how to be if you are a student who lives on shoestring and can’t afford to spend big amount of money on food.
First and foremost, buy in bulk. If products are on sale try to buy as much as you can, especially frozen fruits and vegetables. You can store them for long time and they will be fresh and tasty. Buy such products as berries, beans, broccoli, they are reach in vitamins and minerals.
Stop buying processed food. It is really high in calories and bad for your health. Buy dairy products, they have a lot of proteins and calcium. You can cook everything you want from this products. It’s not a secret that home-made food is always tastier than food in supermarkets.
Try to buy organic food. You can buy it from local farmers for reasonable prices or grow your own food. It will be even more beneficial and healthier because you control what you put on them to keep bugs off, sit is food won’t lead to food poisoning or other diseases.
A wise decision is buying food on markets, you can always try products there and make a good choice. Furthermore the prices in markets are always law.

Healthy food is always expensive but as you see, there are some ways to eating healthy without throwing money. Go on a diet, stay active, take up some exercises and you will definitely see a progress.

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