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It is not a surprise that English words has roots in Latin and Greek. In fact, over 60 percent of English words have Latin or Greek root words. So as you see, knowing of Latin and Greek roots can bring you enermous benefits. 
First and foremost, by knowing one Latin or greek root of the word allows you to understand meaning of oher words with the same roots.So you dont have to look up words in the dictionaries you just can guess the meaning.
Sometimes, knowing the ending of the word can help you identify the part of a speech of a word, which can help you know how to use it in a sentence.
As Latin and Greek roots are the same in every language, knowing them can be beneficial for you to learn not only English but other languages too with remarkable ease.
Text - Unit 5 p90 -91

Hi my Friend,
As you know, nowadays learning foreign languages is essential part of our life. It is not an easy task and you only can make progress by trial and error. You should always try to do your best and make an effort, because it is the only way to achieve your goal.
Nowadays there a lot of ways to improve your vocabulary with remarkable ease. So, if you want to be aware of modern methods of learning and explore different ways you should heed some my advices.
There is a wide range of helpful and useful online resources and dictionaries that can be effective for you and helps you to make an improvement in your language skills. For instance, here are some online pages tat I use on daily basis:
1.Fraze.it http://fraze.it/
This web-page has more than 100 millions sentences and frazes that helps you to understand the meaning of the word in context. You can also be privided with deffinitions of the word, usages, synonyms, translations, pronounciations and images in order to make you know words on the tip of your tongue.
2.The Free Dictionary http://www.thefreedictionary.com/
This online dictionary provides you with definitions also you can find some medical, legal and financial dictionaries.
3.Lingro http://lingro.com/
I use this site when I have a lot of free time and want to reach my vocabulary and brush up on some words.
4.Graph words http://graphwords.com/
It usually helps to show connections among words.
5. Memrise https://www.memrise.com/
This resource provides you with flashcards. It helps you to keep your mind on unknown words.
I hope, you will find these resoursec effective. Of course it takes a lot of time to remember all those new words, dont try to work out the easiest way of memorising woeds. Concentrate your mind on studying and you will easily keep up with your studying process. Good luck!

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Many students think that learning new words is boring and repetitive activity. But there are many tips how to organize your vocabulary and make your studying more interesting.
Firstly, try to work with English texts. While reading make notes of all unfamiliar words and find definitions.
One more effective method is to write in your target language. Try to make some short stories with words that you learned. This kind of activity is the most useful way to remember new words.
You should classify words into parts of speech, nouns, adverbs, verbs and adjectives.
You can also learn new words by making cards. You can use it everywhere, read them being in a queue, or during your break.
Creating your own dictionary is also a good idea. Except definitions try to pay attention on pronunciation and etymology of words.
One of the most effective way of learning new words is studying Latin roots. They are a significant part of the English language so learning them brings benefit for you.

Finally, remember that you must practice every day and try to use your new words in your speaking or writing and you will know them like the back of your hand.