неділя, 18 червня 2017 р.

Our academy held a wide range of events during this year. One of such event, that hit the headlines of local newspapers,  is holding a Ukrainian National students Olympiad in the English language. It was really breaking news for Ostroh, and attracted attention of participants from all Ukraine. All students had an opportunity to realize theirs ambitions and fulfill their potential to the maximum. Needles to say that all participants were very nervous as everyone wants to have a success and be highly praised by jury, but it was succeeded  by only few people from our department, but noone from all participants was disappointed or feel humiliated, as everyone was pleased with opportunity to take part in such olympiad.

All the students fully accept the fact that such competitions should be held every year or even more often. They speak highly of instructors of this Olympiad, jury that was economical with truth, and Ostroh academy. During our in-depth interview revealed a secret that they wants to be a students of our academy. All participants mentioned that this  event have a significant impact on theirs lives and they all are happy with nominations they received.

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