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1)      The speaker in the first video talks about the importance of education and what it will look like in future. First and foremost, author tells that 300 year ago “British bureaucratic administrative machine “ was created by Victorians and even now our education system is based on principles of this machine. The speaker emphasizes that encouragement is a main key in getting knowledge. By punishment and examination teachers shut student’s brain down and it is difficult for them to demonstrate their knowledge and pass exams with flying colors. Such strategy was actual hundred years ago, but not now. Nowadays education shouldn’t threat you, vice versa students should derive pleasure from studying. People should bear in mind that learning is a product of educational self organization, and our knowledge depends only on our attitude to it.
2)      The second speaker declares that human being is naturally different and diverse. For some students it is easy to catch up with studying process, achieve full marks in the tests while it is difficult for others. Some children are considered to be gifted as they get good marks, others always have their noses in books, burn midnight oil but still don’t have excellent marks. The speaker says that it is not because someone has a natural talent for learning and someone hasn’t. All our marks depends on our effort, skills and practice.

3)      I honestly think that everyone has a natural talent for studying and schools just need to help student open their talent and get skills. Our government can do a lot of things to improve our educational system. First and main problem for all students is passing their exams and achieve a full marks. Sometimes even children that attend a school during all academic year, enroll on different courses, study hard can’t demonstrate their knowledge on exam because of worrying and pressure. So government should improve exam system and make it more pleasant for students. Next problem is boring lessons and lectures. Learning can, and should be, social, fun, and interactive, especially for small children. They should understand that school is not torture , it is their chance to live better life and become successful 

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