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Everyone knows  how our health depends on our eating, because we are what we eat.But how to be if you are a student who lives on shoestring and can’t afford to spend big amount of money on food.
First and foremost, buy in bulk. If products are on sale try to buy as much as you can, especially frozen fruits and vegetables. You can store them for long time and they will be fresh and tasty. Buy such products as berries, beans, broccoli, they are reach in vitamins and minerals.
Stop buying processed food. It is really high in calories and bad for your health. Buy dairy products, they have a lot of proteins and calcium. You can cook everything you want from this products. It’s not a secret that home-made food is always tastier than food in supermarkets.
Try to buy organic food. You can buy it from local farmers for reasonable prices or grow your own food. It will be even more beneficial and healthier because you control what you put on them to keep bugs off, sit is food won’t lead to food poisoning or other diseases.
A wise decision is buying food on markets, you can always try products there and make a good choice. Furthermore the prices in markets are always law.

Healthy food is always expensive but as you see, there are some ways to eating healthy without throwing money. Go on a diet, stay active, take up some exercises and you will definitely see a progress.

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