неділя, 18 червня 2017 р.

It is obvious that tourism attracts a lot of people all over the world. Everyone want sometimes to get away from all our daily routine, recharge batteries, visit remote areas or go off the beaten track and of course get a unique experience. The perfect solution are going on a excursion to other country, going hiking or climbing or just chilling out. But is travelling good for environment?
First and foremost, travelling causes pollution and other negative impacts that we don’t  see at first sight. People in camp site usually throw away their rubbish and by this they polluted unspoiled nature that surrounds them. By going swimming people often pollute water that is harmful for marine life.
In addition, travelling is all about money. Travel agencies usually try  to make a big money and they don’t care about the quality of holiday that they offer and as a result suffer the consequences.

One more problem that tourists faces with is cultural diversity and as a result cultural shock. Sometimes it leads to national conflicts.
To draw a conclusion, of course we can’t stop travelling at all and just sit at home. We should just realize that we shouldn’t take everything for granted and be responsible for everything that we do. Also we can try an eco tourism that is environmentally responsible travel to remote areas. Of course you won’t see vibrant and beautiful cities with remarkably architecture, instead you can sunbathe, go climbing and take part in cleaning forests, helping animals and merge with nature.

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